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This extension provides compatibility with a third-party extension. The third-party extension is required for this extension to work.

Download the required third-party extension here.

Supported features:

  • TurnTo Teaser widget displays a reviews summary(Reviews, comments, questions, answers counts) under the product title at PDP (CGC Teaser widget)
  • TurnTo Gallery-row shows the pictures submitted by users in the review section. (PDP Gallery row widget)
  • TurnTo Reviews summary widget shows the review summary and makes a review (Review Summary widget)
  • TurnTo Reviews list widget displays and interacts with customer reviews (Review List widget
  • TurnTo Q&A widget: TurnTo Q&A widget for customers to ask and reply to each other's questions (Instant Answers widget)
  • TurnTo Q&A list widget: TurnTo Q&A list widget to display question list (Q&A List widget)
  • Turn-To chatter widget: TurnTo chatter widget appears at the end of the Q&As section and shows comments that buyers have submitted in the checkout comment after checkout. (Comments display widget)
  • TurnTo checkout comments: TurnTo checkout comments widget which displays user comments from the checkout (Comments Display widget)

Not supported features:

  • TurnTo comment-pinboard teaser
  • TurnTo top-comments
  • Visual Content pinboard
  • Use parent or child SKUs option

Known Issues:

  • TurnTo SPA issue: 
    • Current version of TurnTo social commerce module does not work properly for single-page applications by default. Therefore, there are some compatibility issues which need actions from the client and TurnTo customer support to resolve. For the extension compatibility to work properly on the ScandiPWA theme, the client needs to ask TurnTo support to provide the scripts for all widgets to be loaded with a custom pageId value of “all-pages”. Sample request formulation: “We are using TurnTo extension on a single page application(With dynamic page change ability). We believe it's possible to load all SpeedFlex widgets under a custom “all-pages” id for turnToConfig’s pageId configuration, could you please add such a pageId?”.
  • Ratings and comments/reviews not appearing:
    • If your configuration is correct and you’re not seeing ratings, reviews, comments, this could be the issue. Ratings, comments, reviews and certain data feeds’ data need time to process on TurnTo systems, usually taking from a couple of hours to a day.
  • Use Child SKUs:
    • There is an option mentioned in TurnTo docs that allows the client to choose the way reviews are loaded for Configurable products and their children. But in the original extension there is a bug and changing this option in the admin panel makes no change in the behavior of the extension.


Please note that this extension requires the original TurnToSocialCommerce extension to function, you can get/purchase it from the official website.

To configure the extension follow the instructions described in the official TurnTo Magento 2 documentation, and in the extension documentation.

  • Cron jobs and data feed configuration:
    • This extension heavily relies on Cron jobs for exporting and importing data feeds from and into the TurnTo system. More on cron jobs.
  • Single-page-application use:
    • In order to make the TurnTo script load all widgets, as mentioned in the known issues section, you need to contact TurnTo support to make all widget scripts loaded with pageId = ‘all-pages’. 
  • Enter the site key and Authorization key:
    • Go to the Magento Admin panel => store => configuration => TurnToSocialCommerce, and enter the keys which are provided to you from the TurnTo account you made. Save the changes and flush the cache. 
  • Styling and theme:
  • CORS Configuration:
    • This extension relies on TurnTo APIs, so register your testing or live domains in the TurnTo website. Go to your dashboard in turnto.com, in the settings you can add your domains in ‘Domain
    • Names’ section (add localhost in testing environment, don’t add other domains in live environments).


  • For debugging and development, use the TurnTo testing environment. 
  • For debugging TurnTo widgets,... :) Try the console.
  • For manually running cron jobs, you could utilize following models and their methods `cronUploadFeed` and `cronDownloadFeed` to upload or download data feeds into magento and TurnTo:
    • use TurnTo\SocialCommerce\Model\Export\Catalog; (upload)
    • use TurnTo\SocialCommerce\Model\Export\Orders; (upload)
    • use TurnTo\SocialCommerce\Model\Export\CanceledOrders; (upload)
    • use TurnTo\SocialCommerce\Model\Import\Ratings; (download)


This TurnTo extension uses Magento 2 Pixlee TurnTo extension as a dependency. 


  • JS order Feed and TurnTo configurations have been moved from blocks to custom query resolvers (TurnToJSOrderFeedConfig and TurnToConfig, respectively). 
  • Teaser, TurnToPLPReviews, and StarRatings are custom-implemented widget components. TurnToGalleryRow, TurnToQAs, TurnToReviews, TurnToCheckoutComments rely on TurnTo SpeedFlex widgets. 
  • TurnToQAs component includes TurnTo QA-List, Chatter, and instant-answers widgets.
  • TurnToReviews component includes TurnTo Reviews Summary and Reviews-List widgets.
  • TurnToCheckoutComments component includes TurnTo Comment-capture widget.

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