Modena Payment

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Modena Payment
Modena Click And Try frontend compatibility for ScandiPWA


This extension provides compatibility with a third-party extension. The third-party extension is required for this extension to work.

Download the required third-party extension here.


All of Modena payment methods are supported:

  • Modena Direct payment
  • Modena Credit payment
  • Modena Pay Later 

Supported features:

  • Clickable bank logos for Direct payment method.
  • Product specific banner for Pay Later method in Product Detail Page.
  • Modena logos on payment method label in checkout.

Additional features: 

  • Extensive error handling.


Contact Modena at their official website and complete the Merchant agreement. After completion of this step you will receive your company specific Admin Login Credentials. Follow the official documentation to set-up Modena Pay for your store. In the Admin panel go to Stores → Configuration → Sales → Payment Methods → OTHER PAYMENT METHODS → Modena|Credit / Modena|Direct / Modena|Slice

You can enable any of the three payment methods: Slice (Pay Later), Direct or Credit, if desired. Add your login credentials and configure other settings such as sort order, logo and restoring quote when canceled.


For debugging, set the mode field in Admin panel (Stores → Configuration → Sales → Payment Methods → OTHER PAYMENT METHODS → Modena|Credit / Modena|Direct / Modena|PayLater) to Test mode.



  • Used as little graphql requests as possible. Merge into one request when possible.
  • Use of events to trigger logic from proxy class modenaPayments.js to plugins to reduce amount of logic for plugins.
  • Very minimal use of Redux. Use of event dispatchers to communicate between components instead.


This Modena Click and Try  implementation modifies the original Magento module to send payment requests to Modena API and handle errors and responses. Original extension has been modified to retrieve additional information, specifically the response status codes, and display appropriate error messages accordingly. In the FE, Event dispatchers and Listeners are used to redirect to Modena API page from checkout. The extension utilizes the original magento module’s controllers to retrieve the redirect URLs and handle Success and Cancelation events, however, the controllers are modified to set errors in local storage for exposing the error messages in the FE.

Original extension had poor error handling. In some cases prompting downright misleading error messages! Our team has extended original module to expose correct messages and added error handling for a lot of different scenarios that were not included in the original module.

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Modena Click And Try frontend compatibility for ScandiPWA
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