Google Address Suggestions

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Google Address Suggestions
Google Address Suggestions for ScandiPWA


This extension is standalone. It provides all necessary ScandiPWA and Magento modules. No third-party modules are required.


Supported address autocomplete locations

Following locations are supported:

  • Checkout billing step
  • Checkout shipping step

Following locations are not supported:

  • My account address popup


Extension requires a Google Maps Api key from Google Cloud Console. To create it, please follow the official instructions.

Then, enable the extension and enter the Api key in Stores → Configuration → ScandiPWA → Google Address Suggestions → General Configuration.


Extension retrieves the full names of regions and countries, sometimes with special characters from Google Maps. It then transforms it to proper latin strings and compares with regions provided by Magento (also escaped to latin).

Extension does not make the fields in checkout controlled (other than already are controlled). Instead, it utilizes the address prop passed to CheckoutAddressForm, and makes sure the state of CheckoutAddressForm is properly updated. It then changes the form key prop to force-update the children components. This forces them to rerender containing proper values.

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