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The World's #1 Rated E-Commerce Personalization Platform

ScandiPWA is a headless application and it requires a compatibility extension with conventional Magento 2 extensions to serve them for PWA applications. Specifically, it provides a GraphQL and React component to let the client-side render the application to be able to interact with the back-end of the extension. ScandiPWA rewrites Magento front-end, so it needs to replace the front-end layer of a usual Magento 2 extensions and this extension is providing exactly this.


To get the functionality of the extension you will need both ORIGINAL extension to be installed in Magento and also PWA extension to be installed in ScandiPWA theme.

Original extension URL:

ScandiPWA version: 4.1
ScandiPWA Compatibility powers personalization and relevance for 2,500+ stores worldwide to automatically grow sales across site search, product recommendations, emails, social media & ads.

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ScandiPWA Version 4.1
Magento Version 2.4.1
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The World's #1 Rated E-Commerce Personalization Platform

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