Amasty Sales Countdown

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Amasty Sales Countdown

 Amasty Sales Countdown compatibility for ScandiPWA


This extension provides compatibility with a third-party extension. The third-party extension is required for this extension to work.

Download the required third-party extension here.


This extension renders the Countdown component derived from Amasty Sales Countdown Timer plugin for Magento 2.

Countdown designs

The following designs are supported:

  • Clear (default)

The following designs are not supported (fallback to clear):

  • Round (Simple)
  • Honeycomb
  • Transparent
  • Round
  • Progress Bar

Countdown location

Widget display in custom layout updates is supported. Please refer to the Layout Updates extension for more information.

Widget display in CMS is supported.


Please note that this extension requires the original Amasty Sales Countdown Timer extension to function, you can purchase it from the official marketplace.

For layout updates to work, the Layout Updates extension must also be installed.

To configure the extension follow the instructions as described in the official documentation.


Module does not implement all themes provided by the original extension. Instead, it relies on projects to style the countdown. The components to style can be looked up by the Scandiweb/AmastySalesCountdown/Component/Countdown/Component/CountdownComponent namespace.

More Information

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Product Name Amasty Sales Countdown
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 Amasty Sales Countdown compatibility for ScandiPWA

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