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Amasty GDPR compatibility for ScandiPWA


This extension provides compatibility with a third-party extension. The third-party extension is required for this extension to work.

Download the required third-party extension here.


Supported features

Cookie bar

  • When users visit the website, this popup will notify them about its cookies and privacy policy. They can accept or decline them by selecting the options accordingly

Privacy Settings tab in MyAccount

  • Anonymous personal data - you can set the settings so your personal data will be recorded in an anonymous manner 
  • Delete Account - users can delete their account 
  • Download personal data - the cookies log can be downloaded here only in comma-separated values format (CSV)
  • Policies Text - the policies for cookies and privacy set by the admin can be found in this part

Changing the cookies setting from the Footer link (GDPR Cookies Settings)

  • Users can have access to the cookies settings through this link

Changing restriction area from admin panel 

  • Admins can change the restriction area to the country or region where they want the cookies policy Pop-up to be presented to the users.

Not supported features

Changing the Footer link ( GDPR Cookies Settings) from the CMS admin panel

  • Be aware that if the footer links changed from the CMS admin panel, a specific link ( GDPR Cookies Settings ) will not show up, the user will NOT be able to open the link.

Downloading the ZIP file

  • On the MyAccount page ⇒ Privacy Settings ⇒ Download personal data: downloading the files in ZIP format is NOT supported.

Other styles Layout

  • This extension supports only the Classic Style Layout, so changing the styles from the admin panel will apply only if we selected the Classic Bar style.


Please note that this extension requires the original Amasty-GDPR extension to function, you can get/purchase it from the official website.

To configure the extension follow the instructions as described in the original extension official documentation.

Extension specific Configurations

Changing the restriction area from the admin panel:

In the admin, go to Stores > Configurations > AMASTY EXTENSIONS > Cookie Consent. In the displayed options you can find  “Countries Restrictement”.


Change the style to the classic bar in the admin panel so you can modify the style, and order of buttons, and see the change's effects on the extension elements in the front-end.

More Information

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Amasty GDPR compatibility for ScandiPWA
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