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Amasty FAQ & Product Questions compatibility ScandiPWA


This extension provides compatibility with a third-party extension. The third-party extension is required for this extension to work.

Download the required third-party extension here.


FAQ & Product Questions supported features

The following features are supported

  • SEO-optimized FAQ pages (Structured data)
  • Easy and fast access with FAQ widgets and tabs on various pages (only from pagebuilder/cms pages)
  • A variety of customizable display, permission, and design options of FAQ content
  • Rating questions and social share buttons for higher audience involvement
  • Not supported FAQ & Product Questions features

The following features are not supported

  • Some SEO features:

    • Rich breadcrumbs data
    • Rich organization data
  • Some rating types:

    • Average rating
    • Voting
  • Compatibility with:

    • GDPR consent
    • ReCaptcha
    • Search Terms Report functionality
  • Layout Updates
  • Ability to change FAQ Home Page's CMS Page from configurations. It should always be set to FAQ Home Page, with url key - amasty-faq-home-page

Known issues

Questions and Categories can not be properly filtered using customer_group_id

The issue comes from GraphQL module returning null if in the admin panel none of the groups were specified. Even though in luma not specifying them is considered as all customer groups should have access to this question/category.

Can’t filter Questions and Categories with a combination of its ids (question_id and category_id) and (store_id and customer_group_id)

Module developers are currently working on including the fix for the issue. They've provided the following patch with instructions. The solution will be added to one of the following versions of the FAQ GraphQL module.

In order to apply changes to the current version of the module, please use the following patch

Please add it to the FAQ GraphQL module's directory (located either in app/code/Amasty or vendor/amasty) and apply it as advised in the article (How to apply a diff patch?)

The patch adjusts the following files: 

  • Model/CollectionProcessor/Category/Join/StoreId.php
  • /etc/graphql/di.xml

Please run the following command to enforce changes:

php bin/magento s:d:c

Issues with filtering questions by product_id and tag

Throws an error:

  •  Class Amasty\\Faq\\Setup\\Operation\\CreateQuestionTagTable not found
  • Class Amasty\\Faq\\Setup\\Operation\\CreateQuestionProductTable not found accordingly

Module developers are currently working to include the fix for this issue in the nearest extension version. However, before it's officially released, they've provided the following patch with instructions (How to apply a diff patch?).

Once the patch is applied, run the following commands:

php bin/magento cache:flush
php bin/magento setup:di:compile


There are no additional configuration fields required for this extension. Consult the official documentation for more information.


This implementation uses the Amasty FAQ & Product Questions Magento 2 graphql module to retrieve data through the resolvers.

This module provides Amasty FAQ & Product Questions compatibility with ScandiPWA. The original module's official documentation is hosted here.

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Amasty FAQ & Product Questions compatibility ScandiPWA
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