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Adobe PageBuilder

Adobe PageBuilder compatibility for ScandiPWA


This extension provides compatibility with a third-party extension. The third-party extension is required for this extension to work.

Download the required third-party extension here.


Supported content types:

The following content-types are supported:

  • Row
  • Column
  • Tabs
  • Text
  • Heading
  • Buttons
  • Divider
  • HTML code
  • Image
  • Video
  • Banner
  • Slider
  • Map
  • Block
  • Products




Please note that this extension requires the original Page Builder extension to function. It comes pre-installed with Magento 2. To configure the page builder, follow the official instructions.


To add new page builder content type support, declare a plugin for Component/Html/Component property rules. Add a new rule, with a query field matching desired content type, i.e. query: { dataContentType: tabs’ }, and replace function to transform the domNode (coming from html-react-parser package, so not real DOM node) to React component. Follow the examples located in the src/plugin/content-type folder.

The replace function may utilize the built-in toReactElements function. It takes the domNode and an expected skeleton as an argument. Skeleton represents the expected structure of the HTML elements that might be necessary to construct a desired component. For example, the skeleton of a button is [{ name: 'BaseButtons', type: 'div' }].

The parsing of DOM nodes also continues down from PageBuilder elements to normal replacement declared in the HTML component. This means that the links, scripts, style elements will be properly replaced.

The widgets are handled as normal, using the WidgetFactory component. Please declare your custom widget implementations there.

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Adobe PageBuilder compatibility for ScandiPWA

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