Adobe Content Staging

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Adobe Content Staging

Adobe Content Staging compatibility for ScandiPWA


This extension is standalone. It provides all necessary ScandiPWA and Magento modules. No third-party modules are required.

Adobe Content Staging

This extension adds support for Adobe Content Staging (Magento Enterprise feature) to ScandiPWA. 

“Content staging gives your business team the ability to easily create, preview, and schedule a wide range of content updates for your store directly from the Admin.”


  • Preview staged content with ScandiPWA
  • Schedule content changes


Follow official guides for using Content Staging functionality.


This module relies on Adobe Enterprise (Magento 2 Enterprise) staging modules for its functionality. Default GraphQL APIs are used for accessing previews of staged content. Though, there have been some modifications done to use cases of these APIs. 

Specifically, instead of 2FA, URL parameters "___version", "__signature", "__timestamp" are used to identify the request to see preview versions of staged content. 

Custom headers, "Preview-Version", "Staging-Signature", "Staging-Timestamp" are sent in GraphQL requests to handle requests on the backend. 

Front end module handles preview functionality on FE by replacing GraphQL GET requests with POSTs, to avoid caching.

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Adobe Content Staging compatibility for ScandiPWA

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