Mageplaza Product Labels for ScandiPWA v5

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Magento 2 Product Labels Extension helps attract customers’ attention and motivates purchasing behavior.

ScandiPWA is a headless application and it requires a compatibility extension with conventional Magento 2 extensions to serve them for PWA applications. Specifically, it provides a GraphQL and React component to let the client-side render the application to be able to interact with the back-end of the extension. ScandiPWA rewrites Magento front-end, so it needs to replace the front-end layer of a usual Magento 2 extensions and this extension is providing exactly this.


To get the functionality of the extension you will need both ORIGINAL extension to be installed in Magento and also PWA extension to be installed in ScandiPWA theme.

Original extension URL:

ScandiPWA version: 5.0
ScandiPWA Compatibility

Ready-to-use appealing labels

Magento 2 Product Labels Extension comes with pre-made templates. These are the trendy labels which are popularly used in many cases. These instant templates are colorful and eye-catching from messages and designs, so the store owners can apply to their products immediately. In case store owners wish to make some changes to suit their purposes, these templates can be edited and configured with ease from admin backend.

Magento 2 product lables



Apply "Best-seller" labels

Magento 2 product lables extension

"Best Seller" labels is the most popular and powerful badges which a huge of the online stores are interested in using for their special products. Among a sheer volume of various products, the products flagged as "Best-Seller" will become out-standing and immediately draw customers attention.

Mageplaza's Product Labels extension fully support store owners to decorate their best-selling items with catchy, dominating "Best-Seller" labels. From the backend, admins can easily choose the design of Best Seller badge such as the background color, font type, font size to beautify this type of labels.


Easy to customize labels messages by variables

Depending on each promotion campaign, the shop owners will apply the suitable discount strategy for each item respectively. This requires that message stock should be diverse and can be customized freely before being tagged on the specific products in stores.

Product Labels for Magento 2 allows admins to choose predefined variables or, by themselves, write new variables on labels with any content they wish in the liquid. The messages can be sales status, discount percentage, days left for the special price, deal quantity left and so on.

The general structure of variables is friendly and simple to apply to create any messages. For examples: {special_price}, {day_left}, {save_percent}.

customize Product Labels in Magento 2



Rule-based product labels 

Rule-based product labels in Magento 2

Product Labels assist admin to assign specific labels to relative category or item by setting condition rules for displaying. This feature is useful in saving time and cutting down workload for admins because they do not have to manually and repetitively apply one label for several items.

The badge appearance will be selected depending on flexible conditions from the backend such as the following:

- Product Category

- Product Attribute

- Attribute Sets

- Product SKU


Easy to customize & preview labels designs

Product Labels by Mageplaza allow customers to design labels with ease. From the backend, admin can easily customize the labels with various attributes such as font family, font size, labels color, display position on the product image. Especially, custom CSS is also supported to optimize results of designing.

Noticeably, the feature of previewing allows taking a look at the customized design instantly and directly from the backend. Even a small change can be viewed right on the back-end. Admins no longer have to turn back frontend to load pages and check the updates, which saves a lot of configuration time.

customize and preview product labels designs
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ScandiPWA Version 5.0
Magento Version 2.4.2
Product Name Mageplaza Product Labels for ScandiPWA v5
Original Extension URL
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Magento 2 Product Labels Extension helps attract customers’ attention and motivates purchasing behavior.

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