Magento 2 B2B for ScandiPWA v5

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ScandiPWA is a headless application and it requires a compatibility extension with conventional Magento 2 extensions to serve them for PWA applications. Specifically, it provides a GraphQL and React component to let the client-side render the application to be able to interact with the back-end of the extension. ScandiPWA rewrites Magento front-end, so it needs to replace the front-end layer of a usual Magento 2 extensions and this extension is providing exactly this.


This extension is standalone covering both Magento back-end and ScandiPWA front-end parts.

ScandiPWA version: 5.0
ScandiPWA Compatibility
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Release Date December 2021
ScandiPWA Version 5.0
Magento Version 2.4.3
Product Name Magento 2 B2B for ScandiPWA v5
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