Following instructions are applicable starting from ScandiPWA version 4.

How To install extension video example

NOTE: It may not work for every extension so you manually installation guide 

ScandiPWA requires having Magento 2 module (backend) and ScandiPWA extension (front-end) to be separated and both installed for extension to work.


Magento 2 module installation instructions


ScandiPWA extension installation instructions


ScandiPWA extension manual Installation guide


How to migrate and install extensions from ScandiPWA 3.x to 4.x version


Extension archives

Purchased extension archives are available in My Account > My Downloadable Products section.



Generate Composer key pair in My Account > Composer Auth Keys section. Available Composer packages are listed in My Account > Composer Packages section.


NPM Packages

Generate NPM authentication token in My Account > NPM Auth Tokens section. Available NPM Packages are listed in My Account > NPM Packages section.


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