A/B Test Module

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A/B Test Module


This extension is standalone. It provides all necessary ScandiPWA and Magento modules. No third-party modules are required.

A/B Testing Module

The A/B Testing Extension empowers users to conduct efficient A/B testing on their websites, providing valuable insights into user behavior across various front-end elements. By displaying different header panels to 50% of the traffic, we can carefully observe user interactions and identify which version performs better.

Our extension seamlessly integrates with Google Optimize, ensuring a smooth setup process. Once Google Optimize is installed separately on the project, integrating our extension is quick and straightforward. Google Optimize serves as the central hub for all monitoring and controls, simplifying the optimization journey.

Developed using Typescript, our extension excels in speed and efficiency.

Note that it is optimized for SPWA 6.2.1 and Magento 2.4.3 versions, and compatibility with older versions cannot be guaranteed.

For convenience, essential details have been included in the readme file within the zip folder. This document will guide you through the installation process and provide additional information to enhance your A/B testing experience.

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A/B Test Module

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